I just don't think about Mario Golf once I think of Nintendo. As far as first-party franchises go, I still think that Animal Crossing New Horizons Items one's fairly feeble.

Splatoon 3 isn't coming out in 2021. I would have rather seen something else I can get excited about at this time.

Besides that, I buy Nintendo consoles for your Nintendo games. Apart from Skyward Sword, I didn't observe any heavy-hitters from Nintendo.

I was hyped for this direct but it did nothing for me. Each of the games I would be excited for I can get earlier, cheaper, and also in greater quality (Outer Wilds) or I would otherwise be interested in getting (SS, Mario Golf) should not be $60 IMO.

Ever since I got a PS5 I have not really touched my switch because why would I spend $60 on a 10-15 hour match when I could pay $10/month for PS Plus and get 3 new really good games a month and the PS Plus collection which is all AAA games for free. It just doesn't make sense from a consumer standpoint

I'm still eagerly anticipating that the Pokemon direct. Hopefully they measure it up from Sword and Shield which was mediocre at best. Nintendo games have a certain Kind of magic which you can't get anywhere else but I would also be lying if I said Nintendo made it easy to be a fan the Majority of the time

I have been thinking along these lines, too. Just ready for something new. I have been trying to catch a PS5 or an Xbox Series X for a few months (no luck so far). I'll still keep my Switch round to whenever BOTW2 comes out or possibly Odyssey 2 or some other very exciting matches, but I'm quite excited to branch out a little and try out these Netflix-style game library streaming things. I think that it's where gaming is headed and it's really consumer friendly.

(FWIW, I believe Nintendo is like 30% of the way there with their NES and SNES libraries. If they added N64 and Gamecube, and buy Animal Crossing Items continue fleshing out the collections, and add in some current-gen titles, it might be a pretty competitive support... but that is a very long way off, if they ever do it...)