That is great your majesty, can you recall exactly what RuneScape gold these things are? Yes, here let me write them down for you. The Queen hands you a list thats says you'll need 1 bloodstream, 1 law, 1 melody, and 1 astral rune, clean ranaar, irit, guam, and merrintil herbs, 10 coal, 4 mithril, 1 runeite, 1 silver, and 1 gold ore, refreshing starflower, merigold, and snowdrops. I'll return later.

The adventurer assembles all the items (Snowdrops could be attained by choosing a few from the Garden of Tranquility you helped create for Queen Elamaria, and starflower at a simular way it had been obtained in the fairy tale prt two quest). They then return to the Queen. I have gotten all the items you requested for your majesty

Queen: Great, I will cast the charm. A Cutsceane of the Queen doing magical stuff, then. . .nothing interesting occurs. It did not work! Hmmm, maybe I'm forgetting something. Why don't you find the publication the story was writen in and bring it back to me. Where would I find that? I am not sure, but you can ask the fairy godfather he may know wehre you'll find it, it was called Fairy Tales.

The adventure finds the fairy god father in a bewitching jail. Not you again, what do you desire! I was wondering in the event that you could know where the publication Fairy Tales could be located? No clue, that novels been missing for decades. Oh dear I want it so I can free my friend by an evil force. I seems to me you're always in some kind of a pickle adventurer, and most of the time its due to your stupidity. However, perhaps talking to some great librarian will assist you in your quest. Thank you alot..mumbles at least I'm not the one with mushroom breath. Nothing, gotta go.

The experience then remembers the helpful Varrock Librarian and heads there to speak to him. I'm trying to find a book call Fairy Tales, have you ever heard of it? Hmmm, I heard a desert fellow talking about that book once, it was ages ago, but if you find himhe may be able to help. Along with buy OSRS gold his name? I didn't catch his name, but I think he had been an acheologist.