That leaves you more to Madden 21 coins go, but awarded Madden's yearly release schedule, EA could potentially be waiting until the inescapable Madden NFL 22 -- instead of some Madden NFL 21 port -- believing they traditionally launch in August. In any event, let us just hope it isn't another heritage variant, eh?

Madden NFL 21 Makes Its Super Bowl LV Prediction

This weekend will play host to Super Bowl 55, the culmination of one of the most tumultuous seasons in the NFL ever playedwith. This year's rival teams have been determined. The Kansas City Chiefs will go up from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at a conflict of the NFL's top quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. As is now an yearly tradition, Digital Arts is celebrating the Super Bowl using a Madden NFL simulation. This year's Madden NFL 21 simulation seems to predict a great game.

Unfortunately, EA didn't provide much in terms of cheapest mut 21 coins a statistical breakdown or play by play for this season's simulator. What it did share is that the Buccaneers have an early 13-7 lead, but the Kansas City Chiefs go up 14-13 from half-time. The second half certainly sees both teams' offense then eliminate.