In India people still give a lot of credit to successful online kundali match for marriage. But love has no bounds for stars, It just happens. So what to do when you are in love? Should the kundalis matter? Can Online Kundali matching become an obstacle?

Marriage is the most important gamble, one can play with their life. A good marriage can lead to a great life ahead, this said, not all successful marriages mean that their online kundali matching was perfect. On the other hand, a bad match at kundali doesn’t necessarily mean that your marriage will fail.

With Arranged marriages being a common practice in India, It is common for the prospective Bridegroom and the parents alike to dedicate their time and resources toward the best Online Kundali matching services.

In the end, its understanding and compatibility is the only factor that wins.

Is Online Kundali matching a must for Love marriage?

While the match is made, it often does not by the ashtakoot method. The ashtakoot method assumes that the alignment of planets is constant, and so it is easy to predict the marriage using this method. The downfall of this method is that it misses some crucial information.

While the ashtakoot method discusses the lifespan of the prospective bride and groom, the direction of their marriage, the health of their child, and the wealth they can get if married. Some important information like the seventh house's affliction and combinations with lords is often ignored by most astrologers. The direction and rotation of the Venus are not taken care of. This may lessen the accuracy of the online kundali matching. 

Go where the road takes you- coda on Online Kundali Matching and love marriage

If the parents need to do your Kundali matching, don’t worry. In the best of times, the Kundalis get matched. If the Kundali doesn’t match, the astrologer will suggest different methods to correct your Kundali. At times a D-9 chart is made using the details of the prospective Bride and Groom in question and the methods of correcting Kundali are mapped.

If two people are in love, they already had plenty of time to know each other. In that case, it depends on them and their devotion to carrying out an online kundali matching. Although the Online Kundali Matching helps in getting insights about the future it is not the sure way to guarantee that the marriage will be successful.