It all adds up into the top sports gaming strike of 2020. Want a sports game in your own next-gen console? This is it. In-Game 5 of the 1997 NBA 2K MT Finals, Michael Jordan scored a match leading 38 points while sweating profusely and sometimes leaving the court due to illness, only to return minutes later and resume his domination of the match. Although Jordan was actually suffering from food poisoning, the match became famous in the annals of basketball as'The Flu Sport. NBA 2K21 feels very much enjoy The Flu Game. It's most brilliant, but wherever it isn't, it's an absolute mess. It is not flu or food poisoning that is making NBA 2K21 sick however; it's VC.

NBA 2K21 review

The true basketball in NBA 2K21 is sublime, together with the series continuing to make small tweaks and improvements with each setup. This year, some of those bothersome out-of-bounds situations are tightened up, but the largest change is the shooting. While button shooting still exists, stick shooting strives to give closer control, and after originally having a punishing difficulty curve, a quickly implemented hotfix makes it run much smoother.

Away from the court, it's another story. VC (or digital Money ) flows through everything, blocking off a few difficulties in the otherwise top class MyCareer mode, and forcing you to choose between either upgrading your MyCareer pro or improving your MyTeam roster. Of course, the Buy MT 2K21 game actually would like you to do both, but to do that, you have to invest more actual money in-game. It is not merely that microtransactions are found, it is the game pushes them so hard that it damages your pleasure of MyCareer, puts barriers ahead of your access to The Neighborhood, and sees most offline modes missing out.