When a group gets a drop value more then this sum (for example a Godsword hilt) the product will be put up for OSRS gold sale on the Grand Exchange for the market cost. The owner of this clan chat would be then have the ability to go to the exchange afterwards and fix the cost if he/she wants to. This would probably need one or 2 more slots in the Grand Exchange per person however, these extra slots could only be utilized for loot discuss awards.

Once an item is inserted to the Grand Exchange from this system it will appear in among everyone who was eligibles loot share Grand Exchange Slot. When they click on the thing they'll see the usual details like selling price and price range as well as the sum of money they'll get as it sells. When the item sells, the cash could be shared among everyone who got the fall. I know this would seem difficult to schedule but I understand that Jagex will find a way. I was going to go and place this to the official forums also but someone else has already created a thread the same.

I had an idea about players getting thieved from NPCs. There could be certain NPCs that go around and steal things from cheap RuneScape Mobile gold players. However they can only steal things below a particular price and under a particular number of stackable products. When they slip them, they go into the NPCs stock exchange. If you kill it, then it is going to drop the things it stole, BUT the items will disappear after a while in its stock. Here is a list of those NPCs that would steal items.