The best way to prevent this is to simply allow RuneScape gold certain things to be staked, or to not let stakes of numerous items. Money could be staked, and common items such as whips, phats, ans h'ween masks (items traditionally staked), however the amount would be pre-set (gamers could not wager strange amounts like 4,397,031gp) and uncommonly staked items such as colored beads couldn't be included in the same bet as large amounts of cash or rare/expensive items.

Another problem I see with your idea is that several players would not enjoy the probability of it. As you would not be able to find out what armor your player was wearing, if they had been determined or maging, or even their precise level (your idea outlines a set of near levels, but not an exact level) gamers may be scared to bet large quantities, because the level of the competitor says very little about these.After playing Runescape for a long time I know just as well as most folks that not everything is free, and neither is the Mini Game! To obtain access to the Mini Game you will need to talk to the Pet shop owner and there will be a choice saying"Effective approaches to get charms?" If you choose this option you are character will proceed to pester the pet store owner about easy ways to acquire charms. She will become lively and tell you that she doesn't know anyhow but killing, she states"Exterminating" creatures that have discharged them.

Telling her that you do not have the time and may return to get a pup (what a lie:-p) after stretching you are legs for a bit. Prior to getting the chance to depart she asks you to deliver a parcel that she hands to you over to her (possibly ) of her neighbor in the hunter shop. Speak to one of the neighbors and about the choice screen it will provide you a choice of moving with Old school rs gold whatever it is they do or yanking them the parcel and interrogating him .