Those going through a divorce often do so on a strict budget. A lawyer may seem out of the question to some, as they often consider going at it alone and abandoning legal assistance in their case. This is usually a poor decision, as many people do not fully understand or are not aware of divorce laws.


Child custody, child support, spousal support, and the division of the couple's assets and property are often issues at the epicenter of divorce cases. An affordable divorce attorney has proven vital for many people looking to protect their rights during legal proceedings.


In many divorce cases, the legal nonsense used can be confusing or misleading for those unfamiliar with the legal system or who have very little experience in legal cases. For instance, the term 'sole physical custody' may confuse some people, as they make the mistake of assuming that the child is only accessible to one parent while the other is not allowed to see their child.


This means that while the non-custodial parent enjoys visitation rights, the child lives primarily with one parent. Joint physical custody means that both parents see their child for an extended period. The specifics of custody cases are often dealt with by the court and the parties involved.


Many law firms offer free initial consultations to those seeking an affordable divorce attorney. This often allows people to have many of their questions and concerns answered before paying an attorney before they file for divorce. Some law firms understand the budgetary restraints many of their clients are faced with while going through a divorce.


In most legal cases, having legal representation is essential to protecting one's rights and assets. The division of the couple's property and assets during a divorce is sometimes a very heated issue. As one's former spouse is likely to have a divorce attorney at their side, having one on their own side often proves to be a wise decision. An affordable divorce attorney is not a myth. Interested parties need to be wise in hiring their legal representation.


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