know what your zodiac sign has got in store for you. Buckle up Capricorn people; here we arrive with your horoscope-

So the Capricorn horoscope for today appears to be a bit bumpy. Obstacles seem to be coming up on your way. It might make you feel aggravating but just try to keep your head above water. Don’t lose your sanity for things will work out soon. You might also get yourself stuck in a fussy argument with someone close annoying the hell out of you. Make sure you are clear-headed and patient enough to avoid it. Don’t overthink much and go with the flow.

Blockades on your long going project seem to be banishing away for you. The stars have seen you putting in hard work and efforts in the completion of the assignment and so have decided to reward you along the way. It might lead you to great appreciation in the process. Chances of better interaction channels seem to be opening up as per Capricorn horoscope. Having someone to communicate with is a piece of good fortune.

Capricorn people might feel weariness and could develop a mild skin rash. We suggest you to keep a lookout and eat healthy. Drink loads of water to keep health issues at bay. If possible stay indoors for a couple of days.

Something new seems to be brewing for Capricorns

The love aspects of Capricorn Horoscope show new beginnings. This means new relationships are on the brink of start line. Embrace these feelings wholeheartedly and make sure you portray the real to the other person. Keep a positive mind set with anyone you meet.

Make way for new promotion and victories

The work aspects of Capricorn Horoscope seem to be raining victories. People at work are likely to appreciate your potential and hard work. Your earlier jammed project appears to be progressing at god’s speed now. A new promotion or appraisal seems to be insight. With that said, don’t allow your hopes to get too high and keep your good work.

The lucky numbers as suggested in the Capricorn Horoscope are 4, 8 and all the numbers adding to them like 13, 17, 22 etc. The most fortunate day for Capricorns is said to be Saturday. For all other days of the week, try wearing something black or shades of purple to increase your luck.