Much like Rune Mysteries, the payoff can cause you to mine rune essence etc.. This quest and RS gold item can be employed by non-members and associates. When you complete this quest, you'd be able to mine talisman essence!

The quest would involve going to that abyssal man in the Rune Mysteries quest and tell you a secret that he learned about the rune/pure character. He wishes to let you know this secret however , he has a problem with his (insert issue here) and can't treat it so you have to. Once your done with that, he will inform you that you just have to kill 10 little talisman monsters to a room that he teleports you to. He'll give you a ring which has to be consumed by the 10 little talisman monsters. Once your done with this, you finish the quest and get some runecrafting xp along with the capacity to let the abyssal guy teleport your to some place where you can mine talisman essence.

The talisman character can be mined out of the location the abyssal guy teleports you to. When you mine , you can go to any runecrafting altar and craft that essence into flame character (5) for an example that Buy rs 3 gold you craft it in a fire altar. This fire essence could tele you to the same altar and only has 5 charges inside.