Hey all. I have never submitted a topic in here, however I enjoy suggesting stuff and assisting form others suggestions to acceptable. This city RS gold has been under relentless assault by the mountain trolls, however there are no signs of damage in the town, no weary soldiers sitting against crates, their claws beside them, drinking tea or eating.

Everything Jagex should do, is remodel Burthope so it appears interesting. And by remodel, I mean change everything within it. Surethe buildings are perfectly, but is not it time that the old armor animators appeared a little fresher? And that the castle seemed a little more worn, with battlements ripped from the walls by boulders?

And maybe, the Heroes Guild could do with a freshen up, create the dungeon seem a little bit more scary, and the fountain of Heroes look beautiful. I perform High Detail, and especially around Burthope I detect things which Buy old school runescape gold may be improved. Before you post, can you place in constructive criticism on approaches to improve this suggestion, and at a week if I am satisfied that it's got better I will place it on the Runescape Forums.