Put Protect Range on and RuneScape gold you will be fine. Grimgnash will only strike with melee when you're alongside him. Hide behing the rocks and mage him; ie fire bolt can do up to 14 on him, since he's made from metal. After killing him, you'll awaken in Sylas using a Staff of Fury on your stock. He will say to go to Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor.

Martin wants to have a competion to see who will grow 5 guam leaves the fastest. Decline his deal. She states she can make a Super Growth Potion, but she needs Harrlander, Red Spider Eggs, along with an Eye of Newt. Harrlander can be bought from other players, the Eggs can be found in Karamja Volcano, and Eye of Newt could be purchased at Port Sarim Magic store.

Bring these back to Hetty and she'll make a potion. Now take Martin's offer. Off to a field. When Martin states go, RUN over to the plots of property and utilize all 5 guam seeds together with the soil, then use the potion with it. Within two minutes, your herbs will grow. Martian congratulates you and you're teleported back. CUTSCENE. King Ronald of Varrock is found lying on his bed, with a fantasy about the TzHaar. He dreams that there's a new monster in there, raging out of control, he then wakes up.

Ok so we know about the champion scrolls, they are fun, but they provide very little advantages. What about things you could get afterwards? They would be untradeable (seeing as how challenging it is too get themwe do not want too possess the economy changeing with these almost impossible too get things ), people who desire them will probably have too work hard and it'll open up a new challenge for people.

Once you become champion of all champions (literly impossible, but might happen) a man on the second floor of the winners guild will say he will now exchange also you. His items cost 1 M each for him overly sell also you (with cheap RS gold latest champion discount that continues forever).