Google is by far the highest used and most popular Search Engine on the planet earth, and Google ranking is the FASTEST way to boost your online visibility and drive organic web traffic to your website. Just as the website designing trends are changing and evolving, so do Google ranking practices. 

Google is constantly updating, optimizing, and reevaluating its ranking factors for promoting high-quality websites that stand true to their customers and followers.

Thus, it is imperative for every small and large-scale brand to keep up with the ever-changing ranking factors with the Web Design Company in Pune to stay on top of the SERPs.

Importance of Google Ranking

Top Google ranking is the highpoint for any online business's success. With over 3.5 billion Google searches occurring every day, having a higher website rank is crucial for driving the targeted and potential visitors to your side. However, for that, you need to adhere to Google's Ranking rules strictly. 

While one of the most proven Tips to Boost Your Google Ranking in India is to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts; there are also few other trending strategies that can improve your website's rank in SERPs while helping you to avoid the risks of being penalized by Google for wrong practices.  

If you want to improve your web rankings on Google and boost the chances of receiving more organic website traffic, understanding and adhering to Google's algorithm's constantly-changing nature is mandatory. This article is completely focused on guiding you through the trending and most useful Tips to Boost Your Google Ranking. Let's check them out: 

Improve Your Website's User Experience:

In 2021, your website's user experience is gonna affect your Google Ranking. With Google announced about launching a new ranking algorithm from May 2021, the Core Web Vitals metrics of users' experience (UX) will be playing a crucial role in deciding your website's rank on SERPs. So optimizing and improving your website's UX is one of the most useful Tips to Boost Your Google Ranking. Thus ensure that your web pages are mobile-friendly, have faster loading time, run on HTTPS, no intrusive interstitial ads, and have greater usability speed. 

1.Write Great Content Optimized For SEO

One of the most page-specific strategies and Tips to Boost Your Google Ranking is having SEO-optimized content for your website. Quality content is the best way to engage, inform, connect, support, and impress your targeted audiences.

High-impact keyword targeting, appropriate title and header tags, solid meta description, Image alt-text or alt-tag, simply structured, SEO-friendly website URL, and fresh, relevant, and user-friendly content, game-changing backlinks, and data-driven contents are the keys for dominating SEO factor in your Google Ranking strategy.  

2.Get More Backlinks

Backlinks are playing the most crucial role in Google's game-changing PageRank algorithm for 2021. A backlink is basically a hyperlink that is sourced from a page, outside of your website, and alongside your contents; backlinks are the #1 ranking factor for better Google ranks.

With more appropriate links, it will be easier for Google itself to find your website when a user searches for services or products related to your brand. For more powerful impacts, use Backlinks from old domains than new domains.

3.Improve Your Page Speed

If you want your website to hit rankings on Google's first search result page, then 3-second page loading is obligatory. Having a fast-performing website and making sure that it loads within 3 seconds is essential to be in the good books of Google and drive more traffic and revenues.

Instead of bulky pictures and poorly-designed coding, opt for images with a size under 500KB. Because bulky images slower your page loading and sluggish load can kill your conversion rate. 

4.Fix Broken Links

Google doesn't like broken website links. Fixing your website's internal broken links is one of the most crucial Tips to Boost Your Google Ranking in India. Broken links cause a depraved user experience and degrade your SEO efforts, thus impacting Google rankings negatively.

To avoid such pitfalls, periodically check and fix all the broken links on your website. For best practices of finding and fixing broken links, use Google Analytics. 

5.Optimize Your Images

As we discussed above, bulky images can slow down your page's loading speed, thus negatively affecting your overall ranking. Optimizing your web images can boost your Google ranking and drive organic search traffic as well.

Also, using AI-Powered images for your websites can create a better impression. Please focus on the relevancy of images with your contents, check their sizes, use the descriptive file name for each picture, and build page metadata for better ranking.  

6.Use H1 And H2 Header Tags

In 2021, Google is strictly focusing on the accurate placement of H1, H2, HTML headings for page ranking. In Google's latest ranking algorithm; Header tags are still serving as an important functionality.

To have better ranks, always use one and only one H1 tag per page. Also, use H2 tags or also known as subtitles are for dividing biz-sized information chunks into smaller parts. It will improve the visibility and readability of your content. 

7.Optimize For Local Search

Local search optimization is one of the best Tips to Boost Your Google Ranking in India to get the most out of your online advertisement, and Google knows it very well. With optimized local SEO practices, you can prioritize your online appearance in SERPs in a specific location and drive local leads, conversions, and traffic to your website. You can create a Google My Business Account and get higher ranks on Google SERPs with optimized local search results. 

Concluding Words

While these are the eight most important signals that matter most for effective Google Ranking of website, there are many more to consider as well. But since all eight points of Google Ranking are in hot trends in 2021, we recommend you stick to the above-mentioned factors for gaining better and higher visibility for your website on the SERPs. 

With these essential factors and fresh Google ranking tactics, you can influence the latest SEO practices and increase your website's organic traffic.

To get better Google rankings and grab upper hands on your competitors online, hiring the best and comprehensive Web Design Company in Pune is highly recommended.