When your team has conquered the demons portals will re-open in the character mine. Exit through them and OSRS gold speak to one of the mages to get your reward. Reward: 10k magical xp. Rune essence backpack (holds 10 rune essence, takes up cape area) Ability to earn teletabs into the rune essence mines, you can chose which mage to teleport out to. Either an extra 5k mage and range/ in and str, depending on which demon you fought. Holy pickaxe (above rune at mining es, equiv to addy in other ores), untradeable. New rune essence teleports (kolodion (mage stadium ) and some of the guardians at the alkharid mage arena. A runecrafting map which shows the a;tar locations, and the restored altars.

I hope this is an good idea... To make soups you have to have finished hamburgers helper. After that the cook will give u salt and pepper. Another needings are: a pan (can be bought at genral store or smithed from 1 steel bar at lvl 31) A bowl, a location for water,and an knife. So, lets get started using an onion soup (cooking lvl 10 required ). Bring the original soup material with you as well as the components ( for onion soup this is 2 onions)

Then apply the pan with an watering area sink etc, and cut the onions with the knife. You'll have now sliced onions and a bowl of water. Then use the pepper and salt along with the sliced onions together with the pan. Then take out your bowl and use it with the pan. If my proposal is put into cheap RS gold the game, there will be four distinct types of elemental armor, one per part of spell. There'll be Air Armor, Earth Armor, Water Armor, and Fire Armor.