Vials of Blood. Remember that silver dagger in the pursuit? Well why you wield that RuneScape gold your enemy can't fall below 1hp (dont rely on it for like eternity training against one enemies since you can just use it on every creature for 3 swings. Vials of Blood are got while holding vials in your stock and everytime you make an attack against some of the following creatures together with the silver dagger following the creature reaches 50% health will fill a vial with bloodstream. Vials of Potent Blood are available from: Vampires, Vampyre Juvenates, Afflicted, Ogres Cyclops, Skeleton Fremmeniks. Vials of Dire Blood are obtainable from: Abyssal Leeches, Walkers, Guardians and Demons, Dire Wolves, Hellhounds, Black Demons, Dragons. Shards are blatantly dropped from anything. Corpses are obtained in the animals themselves as are body components.

The Old Fremennik Sword is a random drop from any Skeleton Fremmennik. Electric Beads are lost from Killerwats. Also vials of blood can be purchased in Canifis General Store: Vial of Blood: 200gp. Vial of Potent Blood: 800gp. Shards can be purchased near Lletya from the same person who enchants your tiny crystal artifacts, the teleport ones.

There is a mountain in the wilderness called Blood Mountain. Its in the Wilderness so its a PKing Zone. Theres a torso at the top and it requires 5-10 keys (based on the number of players around ten) to start it and you receive a ticket depending on the amount of keys you get. Theres a waiting room to get certain lvl players there are 7 from lvl 60-70 71-80 81-90 91-100 101-110 111-125 and one for 126 players just.

You are given a key either red, blue, green, yellow, gray, white, orange, black, purple, or pink. You have to get all the keys to your selection of Weapon or Armor exept items from god wars and Abyssial Whip, Granite Maul and Sheild Etc.. You also can pick items from abilities like Feathers for Fletching, Raw Fish for Cooking Etc.. Melee things: Any Armor Set Bronze through Dragon Armor using 1 Weapon.

Magic items: 1000 Elemental Runes or Mind Runes, 750 Chaos Runes, 500 Departure Runes, or 250 Blood Runes Red Mystic Armor With your choice of God Cape Or Blue Mystic Armor along with your choice of God Cape OR Full Infinity with your selection of God Cape but to get a God Cape using a Mage Set You Have to possess: Gotten all 3. Lost the one of your selection. OR if you are lvl 126 and finished all of Free Play quests you may select 1 pursuit to buy old school rs gold complete fully (you have to have started it)