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There are many strong opinions about the Thirty Meter Telescope, or TMT, project on Maunakea on Hawaii Island, and it is important that everyone know the facts. We appreciate the use of your platform to inform the public about problematic incidents within our community specifically, the photo taken at the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta, or Fiji, referenced in your editorial "ToBeginning early next year, BART will start service systemwide one hour later for a vital retrofit of the Transbay Tube, which will impact thousands of our early morning riders. The line connecting the East Bay and San Francisco, called the Transbay Tube, is BART's most critical asset. Although it is structurallyI am writing in response to the Sept.13 "Off the Beat" column, "Hung up on financial aid." While the financial aid office cannot discuss individual cases because of student privacy policies and laws, I'd like to express how, as financial aid director and former low income student who relied on financialIt is a grave mistake to build on People's Park. People Park has a rich history and, therefore, you can't attack it without expecting backlash. You speak of your commitment to an inclusive community, diversity and history. People's Park is currently the channel of this kind of diversity. I beg.

Drawing on the concept of the catchment as a complex, social environmental system, this research utilises insights from stakeholders and a combination of analytical methods, including a network approach and agent based modelling, to provide new perspectives on the network structure and functioning of multi stakeholder water management. A network approach is used to build a picture of interactions amongst stakeholders and to reveal the nature of the new relationships built through CaBA.

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