To control it you use the runes for OSRS gold the spell that you want it to fire on the elemental weapon along with the runes have been"put" on your weapon then it will come up with a screen showing you the avaiable spells you can utilize with thoughs runes once you Opt for the magc it'll neutralize any surplus runes it cant use in a pure number amount of times (For example it will let you use the spell 567 times rather than 567.802934 times) and will fire the spell in the enemy your attacking every 5th time you assault the enemythrough melee rather than the way you normally conjure your spell with your hand in a Kind of throwing movement the elemental weapon your employing will glow the color of your charm and proceed throughout your melee attack in Your enemy counting as magic expereince instead of melee experince (The damage is dealt out normally)

Why it will be a terrific addition to runescape: It'd be nice for mage and melee people to be able to use the two sorts of attacks styles combined to get mages to train melee and vice-versa. My quest idea how you get it lol. Title: Elemental Shock Dificulty level: 2 (rated 1-3 1 being simple 3 being challenging ) Requirments: Have completed Elemental Workshop 1 and 2 have 30 smithing, magic, assault, strength, protection and 45 cooking

Where to begin:You ask the old man about the 2 swords on his writing desk one is purple and the other is glowing black he will inform you that its not one of your busneiss speak to him again and say can get you some food he will say he's running low on his favorite dish, sword fish inform him you'll get him his sword fish when you receive a sword fish he will tell you that thats not how he enjoys it, he'll then tell you that the cheff ( Aluft Gianne) at Tree Gnome Stronghold prepares it for him and suggest you go ask him how to make it, go to the Aluft Gianne and he'll tell you he's busy, ask him again for the recipe that he informs you if you make his two customers 2 Vegetable Battas then serve them he will correct down the recipe for you, create the couple their Vegetable Battas use it with them then return into Aluft Gianne and he wishes to know if they liked it return into buy RS gold the couple talk to them and they will tell you to provide the complements to the chef and also to inform the manager that they adore the resteraunt.