Book of Travels Currency for Sale Book of Travels is a fantasy game with a serene online RPG experience. The players have to go through deep forest and explore it while interacting with various objects and perhaps animals. Also they can feel free to travel to the cities of Braided Shore peninsula.What’s unique about the fantasy world is that it’s a hand-drawn world where the player has to solve the mission and go through the game. The players can meet new friends there and team up with them to solve the mystery.Book of Travels is an upcoming TMO game which seems perfect for those that want to lose themselves in a wondrous fairyland.

The upcoming "tiny multiplayer online" game Book Of Travels takes a different approach drawing on the atmosphere and design principles of soothing games like Journey to immerse players in a more relaxing experience. Early footage of Book Of Travels released by the Might And Delight Studio reveals an Arcadian painted world of beautiful countrysides and early industrial towns a world where players can explore new lands  light campfires brew teas and enjoy the process of working towards their goals.Developers at the Might And Delight studio have embraced this design philosophy in their development of Book Of Travels crafting its gameplay visuals and RPG mechanics so players are free to relish the journey rather than obsess over the destination.

You can watch Might and Delight's new exclusive Book of Travels in-depth thirty-minute gameplay video over on the PCG YouTube channel.I caught up with Tuchten to find out how development is going and to talk in-depth about the gameplay trailer and the studio's future plans which will focus on releasing the game into Early Access. Book of Travels will be Might and Delight's first Early Access title and after a successful campaign with 7,000 backers the team are more than eager to get the community involved in the development process.By the way, you can  Buy Book of Travels Currency from