Start Point: Lost land of Guthix (new additional for quest islandit is the last battle of this war 200 years ago occurred and zammorak and saradomin were made to abandon runescape and never set foot on it ). To start: Talk to the Guthix Archeoligist Instructions: 1 ). Speak to the Gutix Archeoligist, he'll tell you that he has discovered something in the ground but it's extremely big and still deep in the floor. 2. Catch your spade and use it to RS gold the digsite (you will have to do that 5 times until you're able to grab & pull on the artifact out. 3. As soon as you have dug out the artifact the archeoligist tells you to take it into the Head Guthix Architect.

Proceed to the Head Guthix Architect and he lets you know that this is one of those three idols they've found, also he says they all look just like the symbols of the gods. After extensive talking and a split-screen at the beginning of the war involving Saradomin and Zammorak, the Guthix Architect tells you to preserve the idols (in different words mend them). To correct the Saradomin Idol (will become Saradomin sword throughout the god war if you chose sara as the god) you need to use 5 mithril bars, two gold bars and 10 sapphires around the idol, after which you enchant it with lvl 3 enchant. To correct the Zammorak Idol (will become Zammorak Warhammer/Battleaxe through the god warfare in the event that you chosen zammy as your god) you want to use 4 silver bars, 1 gold bar, 10 rubies, and 4 red topaz on the idol and enchant with lvl 3.

To correct the Guthix Idol (will turn into the Guthix Flail during the god war if you picked guth as your god) you need to use 4 gold bars, 10 emeralds, and 5 diamonds on the idol and enchant with lvl 3. After you've repaired and enchanted all of the idols return to the Guthix Architect. He will inform you about the war 200 decades back and you will see a different split-screen of this god war. Once you've finished it is time for your traveling, combating, and hardness of this pursuit. The Architect will tell you the way to completely enchant the idols you will have to travel around runescape searching for special ingriedients for an"enchantment mix" (which You'll Have to create )

Of course since it has to do with herblore you must go to the master druid sanfew. As soon as you talk to sanfew he will inform you the ingriedients necessary for the mixture (random each time, but always involves a Saradomin Wizard appearing and falling the most important ingriedient) So that you search half-way round Runescape searching for 10 items required for the concoction. Once you find all of them only use them together with the vial, you may recieve"enchantment mixture(3) (how convienient) Then you return to the Head Guthix Architect and he explains how to use the mixture. (you've got one chance with this so choose the right god)

Use the mix on all three things then use your finished book on all three (do not worry you won't loose it: it just permentley enchants the idol) and you also find a somewhat disturbing split-screen....OF YOU 200 YEARS AGO AS THE LEADER OF THE GOD YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO FOLLOW. After that comes the interesting part, You head to the center of this Lost Land of Guthix and also use a saw on the floor, directly next to the statue of OSRS Gold For Sale Guthix. You will fall down a pit using a passageway. Select 125 nails, 5 limestone bricks, 8 steel bars, and 4 cloths