The examination is considered as the only means of achievement of the students. They are organized term-wise, semi-annually and annually. Below we have given a long essay for the exam and is helpful for candidates of class 7, 8, 9 and 10 and competitive exam against 500 words. This long essay on the subject is suitable for the students of class 7 to class 10 and also for the candidates for competitive examination.

In the current scenario of examinations, especially in the English medium system, up to 12th standard. Students in the class are found to be scoring at 90% or above and those who are safe at 70% or below are considered to be average. Students find it frustrating to achieve this percentage and so do parents. There is too much mental pressure on the young mind to secure a high and still high percentage. Examination papers change their patterns - objective type questions of 1 or 2 marks for a portion of each question paper, while some are descriptive to test the writing power of candidates. There are All India Boards while the State Academic Boards conduct these examinations. I just got to know about an essay writer who can help me with my work.

Even in universities or colleges to offer degrees and postgraduate degrees or professional degrees like engineering, medical, or other such professional courses, entrance examinations are conducted there. And so the examination is conducted for services - all India, state level, bank services or life insurance services and the like. Examinations, thus the only way to judge a candidate's ability and mental capacity, and thus no other method, can be seen as an alternative to this system.

There is no doubt, it is very difficult to test the ability and mental capacity of a candidate, except that he has to take an exam - this test can be in writing only - short answer or long answer - this is another question. , But something must be entered. It has been found that students or even their teachers select the probable questions or type of questions asked in that year's exam - at the lower level to the intermediate level students' responses, without understanding it. What are they? mugging and if lucky, they get the same questions to which they dug answers, they get that score and get a safe score.

Even, otherwise, more intelligent students may be found to achieve worse percentages. Have the examinations judged the actual merit? The answer will be 'no'; But what is the solution. What should be done after this? And this system of anticipating potential questions runs to the highest level and preparations are made accordingly.