For boots get some Dragon Boots, gloves try for Barrows Glvoes or if you cant get them a battle OSRS gold bracelet. Amulet there is just two chocies, a fury if you've got enough money or a decoration if you are short on cash. For a cape there are too many choices, just get the best you can. If you are training strength the only best thing you'll need is a dragon guardian - this is your priority!

Can you sell it back to afford a skill level goal for example 85 herblore? No. - Presuming he has no funds to start with, there's nothing to market back. Would you make more $ at the hrs invested to get it? Yes. - There's no way you'd be able to earn enough money for BCP in the time it takes to get a torso. In conclusion: Torso is not worth getting. Period. - If you do not have the cash available it's a great option. The only drawback I watch to get Runescape gold 2107 slayer is the slight prayer bonus reduction. The defence bonus reduction is negligible.