As a city employee, I'm proud of the wow classic gold cheap leadership provided by the Tallahassee City Commission, the city manager and city staff to focus on sustainability. I also proud of how our community has embraced this focus as families and individuals have adopted these programs into their lives. I know that if we continue to make these simple changes we can build a stronger, greener community together.

Blizzard are big fans of CCGs too, and with games like Magic: The Gathering enjoying a resurgence of late, it's a good time to get into the industry. So that's what the major PC developer has done with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, an upcoming free to play title soon for the PC, Macintosh and the iPad later on.

"Today, as the Clean Slate provision for automatic record sealing goes into effect, we will be freeing thousands of people from the handcuffs of history," Gov. Wolf said. "These are people who have spent 10 years or more without reoffending or in some cases who were never found guilty or had their charges dropped.

"Mass Effect 3" (March 6, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3): Lost amid "Mass Effect 2's" streamlined gameplay and squad focused story was the fact that "ME2" was the first video game whose story evolved in meaningful ways based on decisions you made in the first game. "Mass Effect 3," which will likely close the book on Commander Shepard, will serve as the ultimate proof of concept for multi game story arcs. Hopefully, BioWare will pull it off and we'll end up with a trilogy we can revisit again and again, playing from beginning to end to see the whole range of possibilities.

Measures to ban "fracking" passed easily in the first three. The Broomfield proposition is under a mandatory recount because of the close vote count. As is well known by now, the state regards the regulation of drilling activities as its sole domain and has filed suit over an earlier fracking restriction in Longmont. Thus far, there is no indication of what action the state may take this time around.

The next main feature is the waypoints that show on your mini map and your main map. The original release of the in game Zygor guide used to show a ton of waypoints. This was because it showed all the necessary steps you needed to level up. This was a cluttered mess. Now it just shows the waypoint of whatever quest you have highlighted on the in game guide. This is positive because it means only the active quest waypoint shows. You now have a clear map. On the main map, when you place your cursor over the waypoint it shows you what you need to do when you get there. Useful addition

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