Animal Crossing players will usher in the new Animal Crossing: New Horizon update on February 25. Before that, Nintendo finally gave players a peek at the upcoming "Super Mario Bros." crossover event. The announcement was made during Nintendo’s Direct demo on Wednesday, but you can watch the clip above.

The Super Mario Bros. crossover event is to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Nintendo Super Mario Bros.

Essentially, these collaborative projects can be used to create your own playable Super Mario Bros. levels in "New Horizons"-with interactive elements such as question bars, markers and deformed pipes. Well, that's right; Nintendo is adding available twisted channels to New Horizons. Place two and you can use the warp tube to move between them. Of course, there are a lot of Super Mario Bros. costumes, yes, there is Wario.

Other items include mushrooms, collectible coins, stars, numb blocks and bricks, as well as various carpets and murals placed in the Nook Miles Ticket home. Although the update time is February 25th, Super Mario Bros. crossover merchandise will be on sale through Nook Shopping on March 1. Indeed, this is not the first time everyone has seen Super Mario-themed products in the Animal Crossing series. This is a tradition since the original Animal Crossing. Since then, Super Mario Bros. products have appeared in all games, including the mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

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