NHL 19 Ultimate Team is nothing new to the NHL franchise. It’s always been a good mode for people to acquire the best players and put them all on one team. HUT mode is relatively untouched from last year and for the most part, it still favors gamers who are either willing to spend large amounts of money on card packs or have endless hours to grind.

The main issue with NHL THREES is that the action moves so fast that there is no indicators for player identification. The puck tends to get lost as well. NHL 19 skaters had a tendency to float across the ice when players instigated the hit animation cycle. This looked unrealistic and left hits without any sense of impact; when one player crashes into another, it needs to register, and it does this year.

NHL Ones matches last just four minutes, and participants earn points for a currency called Hockey Bags. Players can then spend Hockey Bags to unlock casual gear with which they can customize their created character. NHL Ones is played online where you try to get the top ranking for the day, while of course earning more goodies throughout your play.

NHL19 frantic matches with a few altered rules to make things interesting. Since the career mode was such a let down, it’s great to see EA toss in these types of unconventional modes to balance things out. NHL19 gameplay is fluid and clean. The analogue stick and movement controls are intuitive and I never felt like they were working against me. In no time you’ll have your players deftly skating across the ice.

NHL19 Ultimate Team runs on a coin system that allows the player to buy card packs or buy cards on the auction house. EASHL also returns in either 3-on-3 or 6-on-6 format as it is much more linear this year. There is the obligatory microtransaction filled mode with Hockey Ultimate Team. All the usual trappings are here that see players opening card packs to flesh out their dream teams.

NHL19 Real Player Motion technology helps in this department. Now, instead of hits swinging awkwardly between borderline hugs and borderline homicide. There are more than 900 pieces of clothing and accessories to earn, ranging from typical team gear like a Vegas Golden Knights parka to more outlandish items. NHL19 players can spend hours and hours in this game mode alone, and while it’s not my cup of tea, for the same reason as other online issues I will point out shortly, the act of collecting cards is still incredibly appealing.

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