Troubleshoot Error Messages in AOL Desktop Gold

There are different reasons for an error to occur in a software or a program and they are usually displayed in the form of codes or words. No software has been made 100% perfect and glitch-free, snags are bound to happen. They can be avoided if the software has been downloaded and installed from a trusted and dependable source, but no one can give a guarantee that the program will not be inflicted with any error. The AOL Desktop Gold, even though has been immensely popular in the market, is no exception as many times the users complain about some problems that are very common and can occur at any time. They are usually shown in the form of error messages. To troubleshoot error messages in AOL Desktop Gold, you need to implement different and unique steps for each and every issue. The first and foremost thing you need to understand is that always make sure that you install the AOL Desktop Gold by keeping a check on the system requirements, otherwise these errors are bound to happen. It is certainly and highly implied, that the precaution is taken from your side so that these types of errors don’t occur on a high frequency. You can always install AOL Desktop Gold software, but try to make it as your last resort.

You must be wondering that generally what kind of error messages, the software goes through if you haven’t encountered with all. Some of them and the most basic of them include:

  • AOL Desktop Gold Update not working
  • AOL Desktop Gold icon went missing
  • AOL email issues
  • Unable to print from AOL Desktop Gold
  • AOL error code 104/downloading error

Troubleshooting these issues are easy if the correct method and steps are followed:

  • To resolve the issue of AOL Gold icon missing from the Desktop, just go to the system tray located at the right corner of the desktop. Click on the arrow and then select the option of hidden icons. Search for the AOL desktop Gold icon and drag it to the desktop.
  • To resolve AOL email issues, ensure the server and port settings are correct. The internet connectivity is stable. Clear all the cookies, caches and history. Disable the Firewall settings. Update the web browser
  • For AOL password recovery options, sign in to the AOL account, click on the option of ‘Forgot password’ and recover it by the method that you have opted for (either by phone number or registered email) and follow the prompts. You can recover it by a recovery key or code that you will get at the chosen method of recovery.
  • For recovering the issue of AOL Update not working, navigate to the settings of the computer>Windows update>Install Important updates.
  • The best and the last resort to solve any error with AOL Desktop Gold is to uninstall it and install it back again.

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There can be also other errors that the users can encounter with while using the AOL Desktop Gold. To rectify the issues, you can either take help from customer care executives to troubleshoot the errors or AOL Desktop Gold reinstall.


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