Spam Emails in AOL Email Account

Spam mails are a threat to your private or professional email accounts in AOL. Suppose you are using your AOL email with proper security software like Antivirus to prevent any malware or virus attacks, but getting spam emails in AOL are  also harmful to your privacy and other essential information. Unwanted emails may disrupt your inbox and direct you to some other unknown links of no use.

Here, you will get the information about preventing unwanted emails from reaching in your AOL inbox. You can add unknown emails to a list of blocked senders and also mark spam flags so that it will automatically reach your AOL spam folders. There are also other ways to block spam emails but a quick and fast blocking pattern you will get by calling AOL Helpline Number. A technical expert will tell you about the exact solution to be away with spam mails as soon as you call. It is available to take up your calls all round the clock 24/7 hours.

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How to Prevent Yourself From Getting Spam-Mails In AOL Email Account in A Web Browser?

  • Open AOL browser and press at the ‘Options’ in the upper-right hand corner just below your email address.
  • With a drop-down menu, select ‘Mail Settings’
  • Click ‘Block Senders’ options available on the mail settings page
  • Enter the ‘Email Address’ you wish to block and press ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ or click at ‘+’ option available on the right of the email address. Repeat the process to block other email addresses
  • Press the ‘Save Settings’ option once the process is completed.

This process is for opening an AOL email account in the web browser while for the Mobile app, move to the next step.

Steps to Block Email Addresses in a Mobile App?

  • Open AOL app in your mobile and press at a spam email you wish to ban it from reaching your account.
  • Press at ‘Three-Dot Menu’ mentioned on the bottom-right of your mobile screen and tap the ‘Mark as Spam’ option available in it.
  • Follow the same procedure again if you want to block any other email addresses
  • If you have selected an email ‘Mark as Spam’, the same sender's email will be automatically deleted in the future.

The above steps will prevent you from Getting Spam Emails in AOL Email Account. In any case, if you can’t understand the above method, you must dial customer care to block these emails from entering your account. The customer care is opened all the time to provide you with better assistance and support. You can call anytime to discuss your issues related to spam emails in your AOL email account.

You should never tap on any unknown emails reached to your AOL inbox because it might be a virus or malware that could steal your all vital and private documents and damage your AOL email account. Without any confirmation, never enter your important details like email address, password, mobile number or any other personal or professional information in it. It can be so dangerous to open these spam emails. You must delete it as soon as you receive it in your AOL inbox.

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