Website monitoring is a vital part of a webmaster's job, if not the most important, and the only one that is really worth spending most of your time on. Without a lot of properly configured monitoring tools, a webmaster will not be able to achieve 24/7 website stability and availability. HTTP, SNMP, TCP and other internet protocol accessibility checks, page load and website access speed tests, security certificate and domain validation checks, data integrity checks, and even server hardware stability must be provided on an everyday basis to ensure everything is working as expected.

It is obvious to most webmasters that you need to use various scripts and software for this, but beginners will drown in this routine for a long time before everything starts working normally without any problems. But there is another way that some webmasters are somewhat offended by, despite the fact that it is a very useful way how to monitor any website and how to create a first line of defense against stability issues. I'm talking about using automated monitoring platforms. This approach is especially useful for those who work with multiple websites at the same time and provide monitoring services for ecommerce stores and other e-commerce websites.

how to monitor any website and how to create a first line of defense against stability issues

I personally chose a great toolkit among others by using HostTracker instead of a lot of software and scripts. from the very beginning of your career. Or, if you're already a pro, it saves you all that chore and gives you tons of free time to work on some stability improvements or whatever else that needs attention. It will do whatever you need to do without any problem, right after you set everything up and start, notifying you of any problems. Its instant alert system is a small addition to its already outstanding functionality because it sends you a message if there are any malfunctions, errors or any other accessibility or stability issues during automated checks and tests. You can even specify and prioritise notifications if you know about some bottlenecks of your website.

On top of that, HostTracker will allow you to try it out during 30 days of free usage. And it won't even ask for payment details before you opt for a paid subscription plan. This trial service package subscription will allow you to have full-scale access to all services with little to no limitations and no restrictions. Thus you’ll be able to learn how to do everything using its services, and this is a great opportunity for beginners to understand everything from basic service setup to advanced fine-tuning. And for pros, this is an opportunity to check everything out on their own and try using this platform as the main or backup tool for monitoring websites.