Athena IAS is how the discerning students identify Athena Coaching Academy, the best IAS coaching in Lucknow.


Athena IAS is different from every other coaching centre because it avoids making big batches. The reason is simple. Those aspirants who have the mettle and the ability to clear the UPSC civil service exam are not fooled by glossy brochures and fake hype. They seek to acquire conceptual knowledge which they are not able to get in the ‘cut & paste’ type coaching guides. It is these knowledgeable aspirants who consider Athena IAS to be the best IAS, PCS Coaching in Lucknow.


At Athena IAS, coaching for the civil service exam is given in very small tutorial groups, separately for the English medium and Hindi medium groups. Athena IAS is the best IAS coaching in Lucknow because it gives each aspirant requisite personal attention through individual guidance sessions each weekend for them to remain focused on grasping the multitude of issues on which multi dimensional perspectives are required to be developed by the aspirants.


Athena IAS provides coaching 5 days a week, with individual counseling sessions over the weekend. The fees for the 5 month coaching for UPSC prelims to be held on 27th June is Rs.45,000/- payable in three instalments. There is substantial rebate for full payment being made in advance.


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