Hello everyone, my name is Sam, and today I will tell you a story as we were going to go to the mountains before I say that I love passive recreation, such as games in WOW, CS or zodiac casino instant play , but this trip I remembered for a long time, and now the story itself. We put in backpacks: tent, sleeping bags, kettle, food. We took the bus. My dad and I dreamed of exploring the cave that was in the mountain. When we arrived, I was amazed at the view we had. The mountains did not seem too high to me, although there was snow on the tops. On the mountain was built a tower for tourists, which allowed to climb another 700 meters. If we climbed it, we could see the area better. We settled down at the foot of the mountain. At first we decided to pitch a tent. We took dry twigs, made a fire. Mother cooked tasty stewed porridge in a kettle. While my mom was cooking I went for a walk and looked around. Once again I looked at the mountains, they had a fabulous view. There were trees and bushes growing around them. Very beautiful flowers were blooming, butterflies, bees and bumblebees were flying. After lunch, my dad and I went to look for a cave. There was a path up the mountain, we decided to follow it. There was a lot of low shrubbery and grass growing around it. We passed by babbling brooks. Finally we reached the cave. It's a hole in the mountain. But people had been there before, to make it easier to go down a rope ladder had been built, it was about three meters long. We turned on the lantern and went down it. The walls at the entrance were overgrown with moss. It was damp and dark. Eventually, this cave will become a tourist attraction, but for now, only the rare curious travelers visit it. When we went outside, we noticed that it was beginning to get dark. So we went to the place where we left mom. Just as we got there, night fell immediately. We sat around the fire for a while, ate dinner and decided to go to bed. We wrapped ourselves in sleeping bags. I did not notice how I fell asleep, and morning came again. Coming out of the tent I inhaled the fresh and slightly cool mountain air. I admired the snow-covered peaks. Today we planned to climb the tower to view the area from above. In the evening we returned home. I was satisfied with the hike in the mountains. I will long remember their beautiful peaks, unusual vegetation. And of course, the cave in which we had been with my dad."