Animal Crossing: The friendship between New Horizon players and villagers has increased, and they will eventually be prompted to create a special greeting that is shared exclusively between the player and that particular villager. This article distinguishes greetings from buzzwords and nicknames, explains how to make greetings, and gives examples of greetings that anyone can use on their islands.

Unlike other buzzwords that villagers can use without the player’s consent, users and villagers will still greet each other. It is recommended to make one. When other players visit the island, if you talk to them, they will be able to see the slogans of the villagers. In New Horizon, this is not the case with greetings and nicknames. The nickname is unique because other villagers can also use nicknames, but only if they ask the player and the player allows the villager to do so. In addition, villagers usually call the player's name and then greet or change their nickname. Players can increase friendship with villagers by giving them daily gifts, thus giving them a customary greeting. Then, thought bubbles may appear on the villagers' heads.

Although a thought bubble may mean that the villager wants to make or change a special greeting or buzzword, they can also have many other meanings: the villager wants to leave the player’s New Horizons island; they want to sell or give the Nook Miles Ticket player an item ; Or they need help, such as sending gifts to other villagers. Greetings can be longer than catchphrases or nicknames. If the player wishes to capitalize any part of the greeting, such as the first letter, they need to capitalize themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes villagers add ending punctuation in their greetings, and sometimes they don’t, so a period or exclamation point is added afterwards.

The villagers’ greetings can actually be whatever the player wants. If desired, they can range from funny to flattering or even rude. If there is enough space, players can also include their name or nickname in the greeting. Since the greeting will not be passed on to other villagers, it is even possible to tailor greetings for specific villagers.

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