Anime games are about thirsty, and Genshin Impact fans are thirsty people. They continue to send the most popular characters in the game to the top of Twitter's trending topics with an alarming frequency. Whether you are one of these thirsty people, or want to understand why your friends can't shut up to them: I have served you.

You know that Amber is not the strongest archer or firepower user in the lineup, but you don't care. On the contrary, her friendship level has reached its limit. She is the type of girl next door, you may really know it in real life. When Tivat’s drama becomes too much for you to deal with, she will always have your support. And you have hers. Amber is impulsive and scattered. If she had shoelaces, she would forget to tie them on the way she rushed out the door. But she strives to improve herself every day, which makes her a person who can actually connect with you. You don’t need the magical power fantasy in your partner; you just need a person who is true to yourself.

And we all know that there is Kaeya in the bar. A guy starts to rank 35th in order to win the throne of a tiny principality, and you start to nod because it is fun to be such a weird boastful accomplice. In a moment, you can even convince yourself of his imaginative lies, because it is pure romance. That may be your relationship with Kaeya and its infectious charm. He obviously cares about his colleagues in Favonius Cavaliers, so you don't think he is a bad guy. This makes the Genshin Accounts ocean emotional distance between the two of you more tolerable. You may really be able to meet your emotional needs, so you can survive the disaster until Kaeya finally shares all his secrets with you.

When Lisa threatens to punish people who don’t return library books, you can’t help thinking: “God, I hope that’s me.” You started Lisa’s academic talent, but your first impression is always: “This woman can Tap me with your finger." Lisa is a lazy mage, but she is a very planned person. If you stand in front of her, it means you are explicitly allowed. What Lisa said and what she didn't say-you want both. Just like Kaeya, she keeps her distance from her friends. But she provides you with enough gentleness to make the sweet wait worthwhile.

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