After the recent 1.3 update, Genshin Impact is doing a lot of work. However, there is an event that has a lot of good returns, which seems to confuse some players. It will be the "Five Tides of Fortune" event, requiring you to use a special Kamera to take pictures. Today is a "red" day. Your camera will only focus on the map and automatically shoot red items. But to complete the task of the day, it seems that you need to take a photo with different shades, which to me are definitely red, blue, gold, brown and purple.

This is what the event does not tell you at all. The red objects you photograph are really okay, they have nothing to do with these five rectangular colors, and can complete the Genshin Impact Account task of the day. The following is a list of red items you can photograph: Apples, Fire Flowers, Valberries, Jueyun Chilis, Silk Flowers, Sunsettia. ‘Destiny 2’ TWAB Breakdown: Seasonal Challenges, Rocket Buffs, Sword Nerfs. This is the "Destiny 2" season of the selected route map. Genshin Influence: The Lost Wealth Special Treasure Location, where you can find it in Brightcrown Canyon

There may be several others that I have disappeared. But the event is not yet clear, you can shoot any ten red objects and complete the challenge of the day. In fact, you can walk to places like Jueyen Chilis bushes in the village of Qincin and photograph each pepper, which should give you some different "rectangular" colors. This is confusing because you would imagine that what you are shooting will match the same color, but this is not the case. You only need to take ten photos in the "Search" item category of the day. I assume there will be yellow days, blue days, and so on.

After taking ten photos, it is enough to return to the photo studio in the port in exchange for an activity package. Doing this every day, it can indeed add up to bring some considerable rewards. I have been very confused about this for most of the day. I thought I would use up the film before I finished filming, but that was not the case. And the Genshin Impact Account For Sale extra photos you have will continue into the future, so the number of future shots may be less.

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