A desk is a practical item that every household has. Whether it is a desk, a dining table, a desk, a computer desk, a lecture desk, or other types of desks, they are all produced to meet people's needs. Before we can make a good table, we still need a good table mould. The table mould can largely determine the cost of the table.

The table is a kind of commonly used furniture, mostly made of wood. There are planes above and pillars below. You can put things on it, do things, eat, write, work, etc. It is furniture fixed by smooth plates, legs, and other supports. It can also be used as a noun in Chinese. The shape of the table is mostly rectangular, square, round, sector, etc.

The most commonly seen table now is the solid wood table. The solid wood table is pure solid wood furniture, which is made of pure natural materials. The solid wood table produced by it is environmentally friendly and healthy and meets people's requirements for furniture. However, the price of solid wood furniture is relatively more expensive, so pay attention to maintenance for solid wood tables.

Not only solid wood desks, but many household products including household product mould require regular maintenance.