You prefer self-moving, then you should know the major risks you can face with. At the same time, you have to be aware of the common mistakes that people do. When you have the information about all those things, then only, you can make the right decision that moving with the assistance of packers and movers will be good or you can shift your stuff on your own and that to be with the ease.

Higher cost

If you are thinking of relocating your stuff on your own and that is just because of the saving in money, then you are having the wrong information. There are people who think that carrying the goods on your own will be a good call. But, actually, it is not. When you are arranging the DIY move, you need to arrange many things and for doing the same, you need to carry the cost that will be more than moving by the packers and movers.

This is true when the relocation is just for the short distance, and you have enough friends to help you, then sometimes, it can be a good decision and you can get it as the money-saving option.

But when moving is in a distance that will not be shorter, or you have people to help you or you have sophisticated items, then DIY move will be costlier without any doubt. So, you just consider this thing and don’t ignore this major risk of moving if you want to relocate your things on your own. 


If you are thinking of moving, you find it easier. But as time passes and you involve yourself in the works of relocation, you understand the challenges for sure and how it takes your time. Also, as you don’t have the experience, so it can be possible that you decide things wrongly and it can take more time of yours.

Actually, you need to arrange the right vehicle to carry your belongings. You have to call old and good friends if they can come on a moving day and help you out. It can be possible that to convince them, you need to invest time. Packing your goods will ask for your time as well. Surely, professional movers and packers in Delhi will take time for packing but it will be in record timing.

After knowing the same, you need to ask yourself that you have time to complete all. There is no doubt that when you hire the movers, you have to research well, and investing of time is there as well. But that is spent perfectly in comparison to the times you invest in doing the DIY move. So, you just think twice about the same and then decide to move on your own will be a good step to take or not.

The damages

When you move your stuff, then you must have bigger furniture, appliances and more. Obviously, packing those and moving the same safely will not be easy and as you don’t have the experience, so you face the damages in that.

Are you okay with the same? Surely, you are not. But when you prefer DIY move, then it will be the experience you can have.

It is true that if you hire the packers and movers, then also you may face the damages in your goods but the chances will be less as they know how to handle the things. At the same time, your products have the coverage of insurance.

But when you move on your own, then you don’t have the coverage of insurance and the roads can give you any experience.


When you pull the goods or doing anything for making those loaded, you find injuries in your back and more. But when the Delhi packer and movers will do the same, they have the right equipment and the knowledge to carry those. So, the chances of personal injuries will be less.

Really, this is a bigger risk when you move your stuff on your own.

Damages to property

When you want to relocate the furniture and other things without any training, then you may face damages to floors, walls, and more. This is something that is really risky and can be the reason for spending more on this relocation.

Now, you have the information about the major risks you have when you are thinking of doing the DIY move. Now, you just take your call what will be good for you. But if you consider my opinion, then it will be always good to trust the responsible hands for making the move perfect.

So, take your own call and don’t forget to share your experience of moving with us.

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