The popular game developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary, and before that, it will provide the best game products for you to snap up. The Celebration Collection brings together everything that is most suitable for Blizzard and its games, and provides three layers of advanced items for players to choose from. Users can only choose in one game, and can only use the Blizzard account to purchase the game at a time, and the company’s 30-year Celebration Collection will last until September 15.

According to the introduction of the BlizzCon website, Blizzard is celebrating the 30th anniversary of creating the world for players, and will host the WOW Classic Gold annual BlizzCon, which is now called BlizzConline. The global pandemic is still in effect and the lock-in restrictions are still in effect, so Blizzard will observe the online presentation of its meetings. In its third decade of launching the game, it will choose one from each of its games, including Diablo III, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, StarCraft II and World of Warcraft. "

Blizzard Celebration Series: Three-tier battle

Essentials Pack-$19.99

    Moontouch Netherwhelp pet in World of Warcraft
    Tracer's OSV-03 Rogue bracket vs. Tracer Hero in Stormer?
    30th Anniversary "Overwatch" player icon and spray (coming soon)* and 5 loot boxes
    A set of "StarCraft II" and "StarCraft": portraits remade to commemorate Blizzard's 30th anniversary (coming soon)*
    Hearthstone's 10 Darkmoon Faire Crazy Card Packs
    Pets and portraits of Diablo III (coming soon)*

Hero Pack-$39.99
Hero Set Blizzard Entertainment

    Everything in the Essentials Pack
    Blizzard Mount of World of Warcraft
    Reinhardt (Legendary) in Overwatch (coming soon)*
    Random madness on the Darkmoon Circus legendary card in Hearthstone
    Diablo III wings (coming soon)*

Epic Pack-$59.99
Epic Blizzard Entertainment

    Everything in the Essence Pack and Hero Pack
    World of Warcraft game time 30 days
    5 Darkmoon Faire Gold Madness Sets from Hearthstone
    3 golden loot boxes for surveillance
    Diablo III helmet deformed item (coming soon)*

The purchase price of "Hero Pack" and "Epic Pack" starts at $39.99, and the "Celebration" series will launch the "World of Warcraft" Blizzard mount. This will be easy to use on "Wow", but not for the classic version of the game.

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