No, seriously, I mean: the melee levels? You really, really, really don't need them. Barrows runs operate good without RuneScape gold them. I'm positive that 70 defence might help a little, but if you are utilizing ice magics, you never should melee anyway. Whatsoever. Karil gets destroyed by magical and ahrim is just a bit slow to range.

Ironically I do not normally do more than 1 run a moment, but that is because I can not escape from the maze. (This was before I got some of the levels you explain ). I know I could do 2 or even 3 runs at a stretch. 70 defence is very very very very helpful with blitz to sally, which is one of the best methods(in case you do not have access to turm/chaotics etc ). Attack and strength speed up ahrim, however isn't essential and 70 mage is a minimum, 82 is much better.

And this is my current setup: Sacred Clay Helm, Granite body, Dragon Platelegs, Amulet of Glory, Ring of wealth, Obsidian cape, Dragon longsword, obsidian sheild/Mithril guardian. I have around 1 mil to update my armour/ wep. Note: I want the exp so I wont change the helmet. I haven't done the freminik quests . Going to change the black boots to dragon boots after I get a few additional 100ks. Haven't done monkey madness. Im hoping to get dragon guardian btw... Any information would be cool.

It actually did lol, I got 20k-30k exp two day in str, which is far more than my ordinary... I never train to get substantially over an hour at a strech, as I like making frnds and having fun over abilities. And neit doesn't work for my , like I said in 1st post, I have not completed the fremmy quests,'' and it is a repuirement. Just how much is proselyt? I can not manage to keep purchasing degradable armour, so I wana know if its hamper also. And tyvvm for posting.

Very cheap and non degradeable, the only great thing is it has the ideal prayer bonus but bad defence, I wouldn't reccomend. In practice, def doesn't mean crap. Str and prayer matter more, so Prosy over Guthans Plate. My prayers, if used constantly (only a shield pray), wipes out my beg to 0 at a minuite or two. I flash shield prayers (on just b4 opp atks, off only after), and with 2 pray containers, it can last for well over the time it takes for me to get full inv, or so. If I don't have good def, the few seconds of lag wud imply the reduction of half my bank lol. So if I do change on my pray continuosly, it would end by the time I get 2-4 kills. (blue drags) and with pros, id get a few extra moments, and rly wudnt have the ability to cheap OSRS gold maintain potting pray cuz its expensive too... However ty anyways.