Dangerous goods come into our homes every day. In certain cases, producers know this but prefer not to alert customers. In other situations, producers are not aware of any defects that exist either in the design phase or in the production process. Regardless of what makes a product unsafe, people who use a product that comes into one of these categories may be entitled to financial compensation from the maker of the product based on product liability.


Product liability relates to the manufacturer's responsibility for injuries that result when people use their defective goods. There are three primary categories of cases of product liability:


Design defects: These cases refer to an inherent flaw in the design of a product. As such, the entire product line is usually faulty, meaning that the problem is widespread and may require the manufacturer to issue a recall.


Manufacturing defects: These cases refer to flaws that occur during the manufacture of a select number of products. These problems are usually isolated, and the affected products are usually referred to as lemons.


Marketing defects: These cases refer to false advertising or a lack of warning labels. Typically, manufacturers market these products as being safe even though they know that they are not.


Individuals affected by any of these defects may choose to file legal action against the products' manufacturers or designers to gain financial compensation for their injuries. Those who seek financial compensation are strongly advised to consult a Product Liability Attorney first, as filing any injury lawsuit requires long consideration and considerable legal knowledge.


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