Hotmail is one of the popular and most reliable email services used by millions of people. From the finest in-built features to security options, there are hardly any chances for a user to encounter issues with the email service.

However, lately, some users have faced login issues with the Hotmail account because of the forgotten password or technical glitch. Luckily, the service providers have devised a way that would help them to overcome this problem. So, for the users looking for details on How do I recover my Hotmail account, they can check out the quick recovery steps discussed in this article. 

How can the user reset the Hotmail account password? 

For the users who wish to reset the Hotmail account password and have no idea about the recovery process, it is required that they follow the provided instructions carefully to create a new password for their Hotmail account. 

For the recovery process, the user needs to launch the Hotmail recovery page. 
Then, provide the email or phone number used for accessing the Hotmail account.
Now, on the next page, the user can either request a code on the linked phone or opt to answer the security questions. 
Further, the user can verify their Hotmail account and continue with the recovery process. 

How can I speak to someone about my Hotmail account?

And then, the user can create a new password for the account and save the changes. And if the user fails to recover the Hotmail account password, they can seek help from Hotmail customer service to reset the email account password and access uninterrupted email services.