Todays horoscope for Gemini speaks of a relaxing day, free of the burden of making decisions. You may encounter situations where you may have to take some major decisions which would have a great impact on your future. Save these for another day. It will be in your best interest if you avoid taking such decisions today. For you, everything seems to be colored in greyscale. Nothing is explicitly white or black. Weighing the pros and the cons under such conditions is almost impossible. Listen to your gut to help you when you feel stuck. This applies to financial schemes too. Today’s horoscope for Gemini predicts coming across some lucrative and dubious financial schemes which, on the surface are extremely enticing, but, are essentially scams. There may be some losses incurred by people in the business industry due to some prior investment. Though it may seem like a passive day, there will be ample opportunities for you to learn something new today. You will come across these opportunities left and right. Anything you learn today will add to the skillset new skills that will help you climb the ladder of your professional life. Learning new things will also open doors for some alone time allowing for introspection. This time will be greatly appreciated as it comes during a heavily packed schedule. You can also spend some time with your partner as today’s horoscope for Gemini also sees some chances of an argument erupting between the two of you. The argument can be due to some misunderstandings you may have had in the past. Use the opportunity to rid your relationship of any negative feelings. This will help deepen your relationship and leave you feeling much closer to each other. Dealing with all the confusion you encounter today along with some conflicts with your partner can leave you with a fair bit of stress. Pain in various parts of your body is nothing but this stress making its presence known. According to the predictions of today’s horoscope for Gemini, the best option is to lay low and just enjoy a day of relaxation without pushing yourself too much. Talking about your feelings with your close friends will also help to get some burden off your chest. But do not go around declaring your feelings to everyone who would listen, save such intimate conversations for people you trust. They will help you get through the day and would provide an outlet for your frustrations.