WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms today. Not only has thousands of themes and plugins, this open source software is free. Many websites use WordPress because more content management systems rather than blogging platforms.

At present WordPress only works with database software called MySQL. It helps set up posts, tags, categories, and other information on WordPress. Without MySQL WordPress will not work at all. The entire open source project depends on this database continuing.

Recently Oracle has acquired MySQL Sun Microsystem so that new companies have the right to software. Oracle said that they would keep MySQL under the general public license so there was no need to worry. Even so, that thought appears that at any time, a piece of crucial software like MySQL can be acquired by the company and die from WordPress.

This means that WordPress has the potential to see supporting other database options. There is an open source database solution that can be considered. This will give WordPress options from MySQL and others. Those who might feel uncomfortable about basing their sites on software owned by others can be more relaxed.

Other database options can also have other options for WordPress. At present WordPress is limited by what MySQL can do. Other database options can encourage the extent to which WordPress can really do it. This will also open the choice for users. Many do not have other ways to use alternative databases because they have not been offered. In the future, it seems to do this will be the best for the platform to keep as much as possible.

Nowadays no need to worry because Oracle plays well about living in the GPL. It's just consideration for the future to have more options for users. Visit website and get to know about KBC Lottery Fake Call via reading online.