As an escort diva with Bangalore Escorts, I have seen a lot in this industry and meeting so many men in so many varieties can often times give you puzzling delight or even some eerie disgust. In this post what I want to emphasize is of many queer fetishes in men that they seek gratification in and through us. I know this might sound quite crazy but I have had experiences of men just enjoying my company ogling at my feet and licking it for more than two hours. I have also had experience when men just got their tongues into my vagina part and kept on tasting it, licking it etc. for whole lot of hours. At the onset of my this field, I felt that this is so damn weird, but after a while I realized that all such so called crazy men are actually nice and respectable chaps just crazy hooked onto some wild imagination or erotic thought.

So many times, all these years it has so happened that some crazy and loving chaps really don’t want to have proper sex or orgasm with me as a call girl diva with Bangalore Call Girls but just want to adore my booty or busts, just by ogling at me naked or licking certain zones to gain immense pleasure. The very first time this happened, I was pleasantly taken aback as I met this chap through several coffee and dinner dates, and all throughout this guy was crazy for me, my eyes, my attention, my smile and that time itself I felt something more than weird. I am not exactly paraphrasing as something like psycho types, no we as call girls in Bangalore, have so much experience in meeting varieties of men that such categories of men often only amuse us more than anything.

It’s like when men reach adulthood, they just seem to have their own imaginations and queer sexual cravings that they make up and store up in their minds. This might be due to the reason that the kind of women they so deeply crave to make love or something that they repeatedly watch and adore in a woman seems more irritable to them. Like for instance, if they repeatedly watch a particular stunning diva and her figure, years long time spent in adoring her often brings out some fetish to adore her skin, curves or even something else. As call girls in Independent Bangalore Escorts, I totally understand this thing and am often more than impressed by such thoughts in men.

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