Collecting villagers from the mysterious island is part of the adventure of building a town in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Players can choose the villagers who live on their islands, and there are a variety of Animal Crossing villagers to choose from. However, the player may want to do some research on the characteristics of the person who is about to invite them to live with them, or they may be in a long-term life with a particularly annoying villager.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can live up to 10 villagers on the island at any time. Although the villagers will not stay forever, they choose to pack their bags and continue other adventure activities. Inviting villagers with a certain personality will cause discord among the residents of the island, and when the player is constantly bombarded by annoying Animal Crossing feel depressed. Whenever they were nearby, the villagers would run towards them. When the player accidentally acquires high-maintenance villagers, the only thing they can do is to talk to them as little as possible, hoping that this will speed up their chances of leaving.

Although not every villager who lives on the island can be as cool as the office cat Raymond or the cute octopus Marina, players can take some precautions to avoid accidentally inviting peace-breaking villagers to live with them. Below are some Animal Crossing fans. If they get lost while exploring the Nook Miles Ticket mysterious island with Nodo Mile’s Dodo Airlines ticket, they may avoid them and avoid crossing the village to help their island live and work.

The crafty alligator will invite players in the Animal Crossing game to pretend they are not at home when they knock on the door. Slay is a villager with a "Joker" personality. This means that he is naturally competitive and athletic. Cunning people often run up to the player, shouting his slogan "Hoorah" and use it as an exclamation point in conversations. This can make conversations with camouflage crocodile skin extremely harsh. He will also exercise through most of the conversations with players. The cunning, grumpy villagers get along well, which means that in order to prevent conflict in the player’s town, they need to confront even more potentially annoying characters every day.

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