Power A, the manufacturer of the new animal crossing controller, announced the Nintendo Switch controller with the theme of New Horizon. More specifically, Power A showcased a pair of new wired Switch and Switch Lite controllers inspired by animal crossing characters Tom Nook and Isabelle. As you might expect, the latter uses a yellow design, while the former uses a blue-green design. Despite having different designs, the pair of controllers are exactly the same in terms of hardware, and both cost only $24.99.

As for the controllers themselves, in addition to obtaining official licenses, they also have 3.5 mm audio jacks, mappable buttons and "standard ergonomic layout." At the same time, in addition to this, a detachable 10-foot-long USB cable with Velcro is included for easy storage and reduced chaos as Power A said. Unfortunately, if you prefer a wireless controller, there is no wireless version. However, this is a 2-year warranty provided by the Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket hardware manufacturer.

Use this officially licensed POWER A enhanced wired controller to play your favorite Nintendo Switch games in style," the official product promotion reads. "This wired controller is designed to provide a comfortable experience during long games. It has a 3.5 mm audio jack, mappable advanced game buttons and an ergonomic standard layout. The included detachable 10-foot USB cable and Velcro strap reduce clutter and are easy to store. The cost of these functions is almost half of the wireless controller, which makes the POWER A enhanced controller a breeze. Finally, you can rest assured of the performance of POWER A products, because we have supported our products for 2 years.

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