To ensure the online accounts work properly, you should keep changing the passwords and update the security settings of the PayPal account. If you keep your payment details secure, it would keep your account safe and secure. However sometimes the table turns 360 degrees and after you change the password, it stops working only. If you ever face such a scenario, you can take the help of the following tips to fix Paypal change password not working the error.

Ways to fix the PayPal not working after password change 

    If your account stops responding then first of all see if the privacy settings and then ensure that it doesn’t block the changes you make in your account.

    Confirm twice before changing the password of the account if you are entering and logging in with the correct password. At times people end up forgetting the password of the account after changing and when they log in, they are unable to log in.

    Check the browser you are using to log in to your PayPal account in case you saved your password online. You can check the password from there.

Using account recovery methods 

Despite using the manual ways of fixing the account, if you are still facing issues then you can take the help of account recovery methods. Here is how you can reset your account.

    Open the sign-in page of the account and go to the account recovery link.

    Now enter the username that could be phone or email.

    Next, pick any of the methods to reset the lost password. If you choose to answer the security questions, then you will be asked a few questions, and then once done, you can set a new password.
    You can even use the recovery phone number and then recover the lost password with the help of its security code received on the text.

    Enter the code and once accepted successfully, you can enter a new password of your choice and re-enter it to confirm and you would be done.

And that’s how to fix the PayPal change password issue.