Some Epson printer users are unable to get the printout because of the wrong printer settings. here in this blog, I will help you in getting the problem fixed.

How to fix epson printer printing blank pages

Replace the cartridge-

When you can’t printout anything. First thing, you need to do is, check the username and password for your account. Probably, your device is running out of ink, or your cartridge is not setup correctly. in both situation, if you have any extra cartridge with you. please replace it on your pc. And then retry to make the printout again.

Install the cartridge properly-

Apart from the ink, there might also be a installation issue on the cartridge. Probably, your device is not recognising the cartridge you should take out the cartridge from your device, and then reinstall the cartridge again. if your device is still not working. please make an reboot.

Resetup the driver-

Some epson users can’t print from their device because of the driver issue. so you should take out the cartridge from your driver and then find a new setup. Now install it on your device, and try to use it. if it is working perfectly fine. it means your problems have been resolved.

However if your machine continues printing the blank pages. please check the modem or internet settings. and then reset the router as well. now retry to access the device. let’s see what does it shows on your device.