Everyone should know Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s holiday is over, now it’s time to pack up the decorations for the Toy Day event and start preparing for spring. Although snow may still fall on the player’s island, it’s too early to start thinking about what the player may need to do to prepare for the warmer months ahead, and it’s not too late to mark the upcoming spring events in the calendar. Early, so players will not miss the opportunity to enjoy community fun with the villagers on the island.

Of course, for those who were able to participate in the Spring Animal Crossing event last year, they may already have a variety of brightly colored decorations that can be popped out of the storage and then set up on their islands. Lovers of crossing animals may want to consider digging shovels for their islands and designing a new park for them, or potentially marking locations where they want to set up spring flowerbeds when the frost melts. During Animal Crossing's 2021 game, as new spring decorations may be used, players need to make room to make sure they can set up any new items they might buy.

Spring is not only the season of cherry blossoms. Players can enjoy many activities in March, April and May. The Bunny Festival is held from April 1st to Easter, and the Nature Festival is held from the end of April to the beginning of May. Players also want to pay attention to Buy Nook Miles Tickets events that could not happen in February last year, because Animal Crossing: New Horizon did not come out until March. Currently, there are rumors that Animal Crossing: New Horizon players will enjoy the Festivale with the energetic peacock "pavé" in the next few weeks, which will enable the warm months of color to begin.

Players may also want to consider pulling out the magic wand before the start of Animal Crossing Spring. Setting up cute outfits for change is an ideal way to enjoy stylish warm weather. For players who have stored shorts, swimsuits and sandals, it may be time to reconsider their choice of clothes or stop at Able Sisters to see what new clothes are available. For Animal Crossing: New Horizon, spring is a colorful and exciting time. As the game is about to usher in its first anniversary, there may be many new things to look forward to.

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