You can learn many things that come under the advantages of WordPress development. WordPress has become one of the most usable systems in content management. WordPress Features and Benefits are impeccable to this modern era. If you consider WordPress as one of the blogging platforms, you are wrong. 

Developers can create instinctive and all-inclusive websites based on WordPress. Well, that's only possible with a content management system. WordPress is based on MySQL and PHP. According to a recent survey, around 20 million top visited websites are using WordPress Features Plugins for their website development. 

Developers of WordPress Design Company in Pune are in the business for a long time. In this article, you can learn some significant features of custom WordPress development.

1. Themes

Themes always come under the best WordPress Features and Benefits. Web developers use different themes to give the best attractive look to your website. Users of WordPress can gain access to switching multiple themes. Themes permit the web developers to make some alterations within the website despite changing the content.

Developers have the complete authority to modify or fix certain themes as the background of the websites. You can find this feature in the 'appearance' section. Customers can also add or edit the themes developed by WordPress themes for websites.

2. Extensions & Plugins

If you don't know WordPress very well, this is the chance. Mainstream modules and framework are functional as the WordPress Features Plugin. They are very crucial for website development. Web developers are using these features and plugins with WordPress. Around 40,000 plugins are available in WordPress, which are customizable. They can be upgraded to fulfill the latest requirement.

Extensions and plugins are coming under the best WordPress Features and Benefits. The plugins of WordPress are useful for putting the range from SEO to client's portals. SEO creators use these plugins to show private data to logged-in users. Also, plugins are useful for displaying other sensitive content such as navigation bars on websites and widget additions. 

3. Mobiles Features

Mobiles are the best to view WordPress designed web pages. In mobile, you will find smaller content displaying features as the original display size is smaller than laptops or desktop monitors. Developing a mobile website with the features of themes, templates, extensions, and modules is possible with WordPress.

They can perform well in other systems (multiple systems) such as Android, iOS, Blackberry RIM, and Windows. You can also do blogging, commenting, analysis, moderating, and commenting on mobile phones. How is this possible? 

Courtesy goes to WordPress. Nowadays, the multiple functionalities of WordPress are only opened for hopes and blogs. Let's hope they will provide an array of solutions for different clients.

4. Other features

Some spectacular features like link management are part of custom WordPress development. You can prepare a clean, SEO friendly website and arrange a simple link building structure. Features like tagging and linking multiple blogs and articles with automatic filters are available in custom WordPress development. 

These features are consistent and easy to use. Formatting and styling of texts available on the website can be better. This provides a better reading experience to the viewers. Users who love to work in an online environment with a lot of readings can use WordPress for website development.

5. Safety and Security

As per security concerns, WordPress provides the ultimate service and support to protect your programming content. You can enjoy the best and seamless security service from WordPress. The safety of this environment is quite sufficient for web developers. The team of WordPress is very sensitive in security matters.

You can gain the best safety for using WordPress as your web development program. They are providing a 24 * 7 support service to their developers. If any issue is encountered, they always interfere and solve the issue for you. Many clients have reported that WordPress delivers awesome features suitable for blogging and article, making websites with genuine security.

The safety from WordPress is unreachable. You can rely on the unit of WordPress. They work hard to offer you different features of development.

6. Speed

Speeding up your WordPress is quite interesting and important. WordPress speed optimization is the tool that every developer should know about. With its help, they can track the cause of lagging and enhance the website's speed. You do not have to search for multiple websites to get a genuine solution. You can find it all in one application. 

Multiple companies have prepared their WordPress speed optimization program to draw the attention of web developers. From a report, around 39.5% of websites are using WordPress these days. This is quite a big number, isn't it? In custom WordPress development, you must focus on the speed of the website to raise traffic.

7. SEO-Friendly


  • Certain steps have to be followed by the developers to conduct the custom WordPress development. Programmers should select the required theme well-optimized with SEO content. 
  • The creator of the website must know how to manage the hosting service and its proper selection.
  • Regular checking and updating the permalink settings
  • XML sitemaps are necessary for SEO-friendly WordPress content.
  • Image optimization is also mandatory. Loading of larger images may slow down the speed of the website. Proper optimization helps it to overcome all types of obstacles. In WordPress, you will find different options to optimize the images of the website.
  • Also, optimization of met description and page titles of your website can be done easily with the WordPress development platform.
  • You can provide some links associated with your content. This may help the viewers of a website collect much information regarding the specific content by accessing other resources.
  • Tags and categories are necessary for organizing your content. This can make quite a decent SEO-friendly website. 
  • Selected key-points are given above, which can illustrate the essential features of custom WordPress development briefly. These key WordPress Features and Benefits are very significant and play a significant role while developing a website. 

Many platforms are available for building a website. However, using WordPress can put developers one-step ahead of others due to its simplicity and other significant aspects.