Smart Animal Crossing: New Horizon players have managed to recreate all the wreaths in the game in real life. Wreaths are just part of the many DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizon: New Horizons, made using DIY recipes and flowers grown on your own island, these particularly cute items can be used as wall decorations in the player’s house.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon came out in March 2020 and seems to be the perfect game for entering the world of a global pandemic. With the COVID-19 lock-in program sweeping the world, many people are beginning to use games as a means to deal with this unpleasant situation and meet their social needs. Animal Crossing: New Horizon provides a relatively unique form of escape, so it has become very popular. Since then, the game’s popularity seems to have grown to the present, and like other popular game franchises, fan art and other crafty creations have become major players in the community.

However, unlike the more traditional fan art form, Redditor Lallen_J decided to recreate Animal Crossing: the Animal Crossing Bells true version of all flower wreaths in New Horizon. Lallen_J specializes in copying video game flowers and managed to recreate all 26 wreaths from the game using handmade silk flowers within a month.

Most of the reactions to Lallen_J's work were positive, and many commenters paid tribute to it because it only took a month. Someone asked if these beautiful garlands are for sale, and it turns out they are for sale. Lallen sells many of his flower entertainments on the Etsy page, which can be found via the Instagram link in the Reddit theme. The wreath is obviously the size of a brooch, with a pin on the back by default. Lallen has also remade the game from other popular Nintendo games, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Because of its authenticity, this is a very unique fan art. No matter how impressive, it is not easy to do such a thing, and the excellent work of this talented man deserves praise.

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