Although it is one of the best routers and can be used for connecting two devices, however, while using it, many users face the issue of lights. If you are getting spectrum router red light and it's flashing it means that the connection can’t be established between the router and device

Check the Status of your Connection with the device

  • First o all, Log-into your Spectrum account
  • Choose the option of Services
  • Now, you can Select- TV, Voice, or Internet
  • After that, verify if the status of your device listed is Connected or not. 
  • However, if there is a connection issue, you can go through the troubleshoot button to reset the device. 
  • If your device is connected and you are still having issues, you can opt for the Experiencing Issue for the information.
  • Finally, follow all the steps to reset your device. 

By following all these appropriate steps, you came to know about the status of the connection, and if you are wondering how to change my wifi password spectrum, Go to your app and choose the option of Services. Under the option of Services, you have to select the update option and update your password. 

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