This is going to RS gold be your late game weapon as it is quite a bit cheaper than alternatives and still does a fantastic job. The blowpipe is a couple of times more affordable than Armadyl Crossbow but it requires Zulrah Scales to charge that will cost you extra. It can shoot as much as a Dragon Darts and has an amazing special attack which increases damage dealt and fixes the user. This is supposed to be applied as your main weapon until you become extremely wealthy.

There are also two honorable mentions to special weapons: DRAGON HUNTER CROSSBOW. Is a similar weapon to Dragon Crossbow in terms of stats but it's an amazing 30% bonus to hurt while fighting Dragons. It is the best weapon to farm on those creatures and due to that costs over 100mil. TWISTED BOW. This is the best end game bossing weapon for Ranged in RuneScape. It behaves differently than other Ranged weapons which have a set strength in their attacks. Twisted Bow climbs its harm and precision determined by Magic Level of your opponent. Due to that, it's best for fighting bosses but not so good at normal training. Because it unique effect is so desired it costs over 1bil.

EQUIPMENT. Armor/legs/gloves - For your torso bit you ought to start using Leather Armor. At level 20 Ranged/Defence you'll be able to switch it into Studded Leather and after level 30 you can wear Snakeskin Armor. Then out of level 40 you can begin wearing D'hides. For green which is weakest, you will need Dragon Slayer quest. If you don't need to do it just wait till level 50 and use Blue D'hide instead.

Then every 10 levels change to the upcoming ones which are black and red. If you've got spare cash at 70 Ranged/Defence you'll be able to begin wearing Armadyl which is the best Range equipment in the game. Greatest is also the cost as you want to spend nearly 100mil to get full set. When it comes to gloves you always need to wear best Vambraces you are able to equip and in case you have completed Recipe for Disaster pursuit it is also possible to get Barrows gloves that are best from the slot.

Cape - Ava's apparatus is always your best call since it's going to greatly enhance your Ranged stats and pickup a number of your arrows, bolts and thrown weapons. You are able to unlock it with Animal Magnetism quest. Before 50 Ranged you may receive Ava's Attractor which afterwards can be updated at Ava NPC into Ava's Accumulator. After completing Dragonslayer 2 quest you can also get Ava's Assembler which cheap RuneScape gold is the best Ranged cape slot thing in the game.